John Fetterman, the Democrat lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, has pulled another one of his illegal flag-flying stints, this time by flying the LGBT flag from the State Capitol in Harrisburg.

As his flag was in violation of state law, it was promptly removed, leading to Fetterman venting out his anger on Twitter.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the lieutenant governor presides over the state Senate and is first in line to succeed the governor.

Fetterman, who has held an important job, is in the race for the Democrats’ nomination to be a candidate for the US Senate in 2022.

Fetterman has a strange fetish for colorful flags

Fetterman has a long history of “hanging” over a state Capitol building balcony with flags for various causes that he supports, and he obviously doesn’t care about a direct and blatant violation of Pennsylvania state law adopted in 2018.

The law in question forbids the flying of any kinds of flags on the property of the state with the exception of flags that may have been approved by the state’s lawmakers.

Earlier this week, Fetterman raised the LGBT flag only to see it taken down by the employees of the Department of General Services during the state Capitol’s lunch hour.

In his tweets, the Democrat lieutenant governor demonstrated that he was aware the flag hanging out of his office was “technically breaking a law.”

However, he justified its hanging with what he described as the ongoing discrimination of LGBT people in the state of Pennsylvania.

Fetterman called for a continued push to guarantee equal legal protection for the “LGBTQIA+ community”.

In another tweet, he declared how “deeply” disappointed he was that his LGBT flag had been confiscated just hours after its hanging, especially since it was the beginning of Pride Month.

Blame it on Republicans

Fetterman blamed Republicans for being able to quickly invent discriminatory legislation for removing flags, calling it “angering” and “bull—.”

The Pennsylvania lieutenant governor’s spokeswoman, Christina Kauffman, said he planned on putting up another LGBT flag, according to PennLive.

She also explained that when her boss started “decorating” his office balcony at the state Capitol with flags, state workers at first removed them and left them in his office.

However, as he continued the violations, they started to confiscate them.

Jason Gottesman, the GOP spokesman of the Pennsylvania House, criticized Fetterman for his law violations, especially since he was supposed to protect and enforce the laws of the state, not break them.

He explained the law in question was designed to guarantee that the exterior of the state Capitol would promote nonpartisan causes only.

Gottesman also pointed out that members of both parties had been hanging posters and flags of their choosing inside the Capitol building, but that is not allowed on the exterior as it’s a government venue, a historic landmark, and the city’s most visible building.