The problems facing Hunter Biden are just piling up!

The 29-years-old Alex Roberts decided to file a petition for child support and paternity against the son of Joe Biden, claiming that she had given birth to his baby, a baby that the younger Biden does not recognize as his own.

The youngest Biden, also the naughtiest Biden, already faced similar charges, when he was sued for not paying child support when a 28 years old woman from Arkansas proved that the father of her child was indeed Hunter.

Hunter, who has been dishonorably discharged from the US Navy after he tested positive for cocaine, received the two-paged suit filed in Independence County in Arkansas, just two weeks after he married Melissa Cohen.

The king of romantic affairs!

Hunter was also having affair with Hallie Biden, the widow that was married to his now-deceased brother Beau.

To make things even more disgusting, emails found in his laptop proved that he and Hallie were having an affair while his brother was dying of cancer…

And when you think things can’t get any worse, our romantic hero of poor amoristic control has managed to surprise the whole public once again!

Hunter was also having a romantic relationship with Hallie’s sister while also being involved with Hallie, however, it didn’t work out well for them as younger Biden decided to marry Melissa Cohen only a month after ending a relationship with Hallie (and her sister, presumably)!

Yeah, we know. It’s pretty easy to lose track of Hunter’s love stories…

Yet, it doesn’t end there!

The Daily Mail was able to find proof that the Arkansas woman who worked for Hunter informed him about the pregnancy back in 2018, proving that his claims that he did not know her were - false.

Biden had no money for child support but drove a Porsche and lived in a 12k a month home!

Some texts proved that Hunter requested that Lunden Roberts needs to be kicked off Hunter’s company health insurance, only after three months of giving birth to their baby girl named Navy Joan Roberts.

All these claims were confirmed by the texts found in Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

Navy Joan Roberts, Biden’s fourth child, was conceived somewhere in December 2017 while Hunter was still involved with Hallie Biden.

Hunter ignored Roberts’ pleas for child support and also denied paternity, which led her to sue him in the court of Arkansas.

When the DNA test came positive, Biden stated that he did not have the money to pay child support even though he was driving Porsche and paying $12,000 monthly rent for his home!

However, justice was served when the judge gave him an order to produce his financial records, which in the end led him to settle with Roberts outside of the court.

$2,5 Million.

Not bad for someone who has no money for child support.

When the story surfaced, the mainstream media reported how Roberts worked at a striptease bar where Hunter was a frequent guest, however, the leaked texts reveal that she was in fact his employee for at least 9 months.

That didn’t help her much since Biden ignored all her messages about the baby on the way.

Roberts is now engaged to Princeton Foster, an MMA fighter, who is raising Biden’s child as his own.