The state of Texas is taking up a novel approach to tackling the influx of illegal immigrants through the US-Mexican border and will begin to arrest everybody who crosses it illegally, according to Greg Abbott.

Abbott’s likely much more effective solution against the backdrop of the Biden administration’s fiasco was announced in a Fox News interview clip published on Sean Hannity’s website.

The “declaration” text states that the surge of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border poses serious threats of injury, damage, and loss of life and property – therefore it has to be treated as a disaster.

6 months to 1-year imprisonment

In his Fox News interview, Texas’s Republican Governor declared that the state was going to do all it can to defend itself from illegal immigrants pouring in through the Mexican border as human traffickers are grabbing the chance to utilize Biden’s lax policies.

Abbott made it clear that starting next week, Texas was going to change its policy on tackling the border crisis since the new administration has no intention of helping them.

Such actions include putting in place the newly issued “disaster declaration” which would be used to justify the likely needed arrests of illegal immigrants.

Under the new law, Texas will not only arrest illegal trespassers of the border with Mexico but also jail them between 6 months and one year for “aggravated trespassing,” the Governor explained.

He said he was also going to announce other actions next week.

Texas fighting cartels

In another interview, this time with Newsmax, Abbott elaborated on the situation.

He pointed out that Mexican drug cartels are destroying ranchers’ property fences, breaking into cars, damaging homes and properties, and that the state won’t tolerate such behavior anymore.

Earlier this year, during Operation Lone Star, Abbott sent over 1,000 officers of public safety and members of the National Guard to the border in order to aid in the combat against the mass-scale trafficking of drugs and humans.

In Thursday’s tweet, Gov. Abbott went further to summarize the situation by declaring that his state has now intervened “to do Biden’s job” as far as securing the border is concerned.

Let’s hope that every other border state will follow Texas’s lead.


Well, the chances are that, with Abbott taking the matter into his own hands, the chain of command might actually change and result in tangible success in combating the surge of illegal immigration at the border with Mexico.