Facebook is no longer at the forefront of the social media landscape in the way that it used to be. While it’s still a very large and influential site, younger people know that it’s no longer where the real action is. A combination of factors, from Facebook’s concerning practices with user data to the fact that older people have now flocked to the site, have contributed to this move away from the social media cutting edge.

Viral trends just don’t get plastered all over Facebook in the way that they used to. Other social media platforms like TikTok have largely taken over that responsibility.

Nevertheless, there are signs that the established social media player still has some life in it when it comes to setting and disseminating viral trends.

A new thing called the Cartoon Filter Challenge has recently taken the Silicon Valley titan’s users by storm, and people are jumping onto the bandwagon in all sorts of interesting and amusing ways.

What Is the Cartoon Challenge?

The idea behind the Cartoon Challenge is fairly simple. Basically, a new app called Voila Al Artist Cartoon Photo has the ability to take your Facebook profile picture and return three different 3D animated cartoon images of that profile picture. You can then choose whichever of the three you like best and use that as your new profile picture.

Doing this is easy. Just download the app, hit “3D cartoon,” allow the app access to your photos, hit “Select Photos,” and then choose your Facebook profile picture for the app to work on.

The app will transform your picture into cartoon versions of itself. After you save the one you like best, you can upload it to Facebook. Of course, since the cartoonified photo will be sitting on your phone, you can also upload it to any other social media site that you want as well.

Some people are having a bit of innocent fun with this trend. There’s no deeper meaning behind it; it’s just a way for people to enjoy themselves with results that are sometimes adorable and sometimes hilarious.

Predictably, other people find this fad annoying and roll their eyes at it. As one irked Facebook user put it recently, “If I see one more cartoon Disney version of someone on my Facebook feed, I’m deleting my account.”

All in all, this is just a bunch of harmless fun. Even those who find it mindless and annoying can take solace in the fact that one day soon it will pass.