HBO host and comedian Bill Maher ripped apart Democrat President Joe Biden’s proposal for free higher education financed by American taxpayers’ money.

In his show last Friday, Maher went all out on the current state of higher education in America describing colleges as giant centers for luxury daycare.

Not just that but, in his words, they are staffed by “overpaid babysitters” who seek to cater to every student’s whim.

Maher went further by comparing present-day higher education to Scientology and calling it a “racket” that is supposed to sell you a very expensive ticket for becoming part of the upper-middle class.

The HBO host emphasized how Biden’s brainchild, the American Families Plan, stipulates that taxpayers cough up hundreds of billions of dollars in order to enable anyone to go to college, not to mention billions more for subsidized childcare.

China is kicking our ass

The comedian also went on to explain why China is “kicking our ass” in terms of higher education – he noted that back in 2019, American colleges awarded more undergraduate degrees in majors such as visual and performing arts vis-à-vis computer sciences, IT, and math.

Citing a quote by Olivia Jade, the daughter of disgraced actress Lori Laughlin, in which the former explains she wants to go to college because of partying and game days, Maher declared he wasn’t going to “f***ing” pay for that.

The HBO host then pointed out that back in 1960 only 15% of college students received “A” grades, whereas at present the percentage stands at 45%, and the reason for that is not that students have become smarter but the worsening educational standards.

He also stressed that since the 1980s college tuition has spiked by 500%, far outpacing the rate of inflation and that in fact its cost doubles every nine years.

Maher elaborated on how higher education as a business field has kept institutionalizing itself so as to produce more and more requirements for qualifications in order to make more and more money.

He gave us an example of the fact that a wannabe librarian is required to have a master’s degree in order to be hired for an entry-level job in their field, namely filing books.

Working hard is way cooler then studying for free

The same kind of thing is true of professions such as administrators, nurses, teachers, and many others who routinely need to take new “bulls***” courses in order to climb up the ladder in their field – even though they have practically learned what they do need to know by just doing their job.

Maher summed up his 6-minute oration by declaring that the answer to the problems surrounding America’s higher education is not to make college free but to make it so that it is less necessary for most jobs – which he alleges is the reality anyway.

The HBO host stated that in this way the two-thirds of Americans who can’t afford to or don’t want to go to college wouldn’t feel as though working hard is less important than sitting in a water park in a luxury college facility.