The recent case of 10-year-old Justin Wallace has emboldened many critics of the Black Lives Matter movement. Wallace was shot and killed on Saturday, June 5, while he was at his aunt’s home in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York. A gunman opened fire into the home, striking and killing Wallace and injuring a 29-year-old relative of his. The boy was just three days shy of his 11th birthday.

Since Justin Wallace was black, you might expect Black Lives Matter — as an organization that ostensibly cares about black lives — to be up in arms about this.

If so, your expectations would be wildly off the mark. The silence on this matter from BLM has been deafening.

Black Lives Only Matter if They Serve the Narrative

A further important point about this shooting is that it happened in AOC’s congressional district. She has been totally quiet about it as well. Fox News, which obtained video of the shooting and showed some of that video during its primetime shows has reached out to both AOC and BLM for comment. Neither has said a word.

Indeed, it appears that the only Democrat who has said anything about the death of Justin Wallace has been NY Rep. Gregory Meeks — and he only did it so to advocate for tighter gun control laws.

“Taking action is imperative,” Meeks said on Twitter, “and I implore my colleagues on the local level to evaluate how we can curb such violence in our communities, and I will continue to push for meaningful gun reforms on the federal level.”

Of course, there are many ways of “taking action” with respect to gun violence than passing laws that prevent peaceful and law-abiding citizens from exercising their rights. The equating of “taking action” with passing a law is a classic leftist propaganda trick.

One could, for example, empower police to arrest violent criminals, which the left has been extremely loath to do of late. On an even deeper level, one could work to strengthen black familial bonds and make sure that young black men have older male authority figures in their lives, which will prevent them from turning to crime.