New Apple Update Expands FaceTime Capabilities

A new update announced recently by Apple at WWDC 2021 is designed to harness the popularity of video conferencing apps by expanding FaceTime capabilities. But how does this apply to Android users?

Video Conferencing Apps Soaring in Popularity

There is no doubt that video conferencing apps have become exponentially more mainstream as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple is using this popularity to expand its FaceTime capabilities.

New Apple Update

The iOS 15 update will now make FaceTime function more like Zoom. Once the update is available this fall, users will be able to schedule calls and view the participants all at once in a grid view.

The update is clearly designed to offer an alternative to Zoom. Even with the world opening back up, the pandemic has taught everyone how technology can be leveraged to connect people all over the world in ways never thought possible.

What About Android

The good news for Android users is that they will finally be able to take part in this rapidly emerging technology. It should be noted that Android users will still need an Apple device and account to be able to make calls.

The person setting up the call will need to create a link to share with the invited attendees. While there is no Apple account needed for the attendees, the person leading the call will need to approve these non-Apple users before they can log in to the call.

The call chair can use a variety of platforms to send the invite, including standard texting, email, a basic calendar invite, or Whatsapp.