In theory, news networks are supposed to deliver nothing but straight news. But because people are people, the reality is often not this way — nor should it necessarily be so.

Longtime viewers of any particular news network can become quite used to regularly seeing certain faces on their screens. They can become attached to certain personalities, grow to trust them, admire them. Especially successful news anchors can become household names.

This is what happened to Fox 5’s Dari Alexander. Even though Fox 5 has featured some frequent lineup changes, the public has grown especially fond of Alexander.

And so, when she was suddenly no longer present for a series of news broadcasts on the network, people naturally began to wonder what was the matter.

Was Dari Alexander sick? Did she leave the network? What was wrong? Fans all over the internet began speculating.

What Happened?

The 51-year-old is known for her fun and bubbly on-screen personality. She’s also known for being relatively open about what’s going on in her life behind the scenes, sharing things quite often on social media.

Knowing this, we can pretty conclusively rule out the theory that Alexander is set to leave Fox 5. There’s just no indication that that’s true. Her Twitter bio still lists her as working there, and she recently aired a very well-revived and highly-rated special on autism on Fox 5.

We do know, however, that Alexander took some time off from work back in April when she tested positive for COVID-19.

She did eventually recover and happily returned to work, though. She even joyously announced her return on Instagram.

However, Alexander has not posted anything to either Instagram or Twitter since April, which is quite unlike her. This leads some to conclude that the most likely explanation for her absence is that she is again having a health problem. Alternatively, one of her family members may be having issues.

Whatever the reason for Alexander’s surprising and unexplained disappearance, fans certainly miss her and hope that she can return to Fox 5 soon.