Every animal is special to its owner. People often form rather powerful bonds with their pets, with both pet and master coming to know one another quite intimately. But certain animals have features that set them apart at a level that goes beyond this. And still, others have extraordinary backstories that make them stand out from the crowd.

However, Fedya, an adorable little kitten from Russia, is one of the rare animals that has all of these things.

Fedya’s Odd Features and Heartwarming Story

Once upon a time, a stray Russian cat had two baby kittens. Life was hard for both the mother and the babies, and the three of them traveled quite frequently in search of food and shelter.

But one day, the mother found shelter in a woman’s back yard, and that woman loved cats so much that she took in the whole family.

The woman’s name is Natalya, and she lives in Rostov, Russia, and owns many cats of all types and descriptions. But this new stray cat named Lisa had something special with her.

As mentioned, she had two kittens: a girl that Natalya named Elsa and a boy that she named Fedya. Elsa would grow up to be a normal, healthy cat who eventually had kittens of her own, but Fedya was unusual. He was born weak and sickly, was slow to develop, and tended to make rather halting movements. He also had a unique-looking face with large, adorable, bulging eyes.

It’s unclear why Fedya had these features, but Natalya speculates that it may be because Fedya had been dropped on the ground quite frequently as his mother carried him from place to place and over fences. A genetic explanation is also possible, but Natalya has not had Fedya’s genetics examined.

To make things even worse for the poor little kitty, his mother, Lisa, died shortly after he was born. And so, this adorable little cat, vulnerable and underdeveloped, was left without a mother. Thankfully, Natalya was there to nurse him back to health and help him grow and become as healthy as possible. This she promptly did.

After a few weeks of this, as Fedya was slowly growing and becoming better and better able to get around, something adorable happened. Another cat, a five-month-old male named Krasavchik (Russian for “Handsome”), took a liking to Fedya and started treating him as his own. Krasavchik would lick and clean him, shelter him and keep him warm from that point forward.

Poor little orphaned Fedya now had a father.

And Krasavchik’s story is interesting in its own right. Krasavchik used to be Natalya’s neighbor’s cat, but when he noticed Fedya around Natalya’s place, he would come by all the time and attempt to take care of him.

Eventually, the neighbors realized that Krasavchik was powerfully attached to Fedya, and they just let him stay with Natalya.

It’s extraordinarily heartwarming to see an animal instinctively display such deep affection, to feel driven to care for a little one who isn’t even really his.

Thanks to Natalya and Krasavchik, Fedya is doing fine now. He does still make halting movements, and he has a quite unusual way of sitting down, but otherwise, he’s now a normal — and extremely cute — cat.