Being a conservative in America today, one can be forgiven for looking out upon the country and seeing almost nothing but a vast cultural and social desert.

Conservatives feel that our government is as far from the Founders’ ideals. Rather than elected representatives running the show and being kept honest by a vigilant public ready to vote them out of office the moment they do something wrong, the real power in government lies in the hands of faceless bureaucrats who all have lifelong tenure.

Academia has slowly spread ideological poison throughout society, setting race against race and child against parent whenever students return home from college. Cultural Marxism, Critical Race Theory and similar pseudo-religions have weaved their way into all corners of American life, from sports to movies.

With society in such a horrid mess, what are conservatives to do? As it turns out, there’s one simple thing we can all do that has the power to change everything.

End the School Monopoly

The root of all of this is the public school system. According to many conservatives, public schools are what have taught kids to rely on government for everything and assume that any social problem can be solved by simply passing a law. Public schools are what teach them to believe controversial claims about America’s history.

And when children are taught such things from an early age, it sticks with them into adulthood. Multiply that over millions of times, and public schools give whoever controls them the power to shape and mold society.

Many conservatives have been calling for schools to re-open since children are at negligible risk from COVID and hardly ever transmit the disease. The fact remains, however, that by calling to re-open public schools, conservatives are digging their own graves and playing into the hands of their enemies.

Starting in the 19th century, it was progressives who called for the government to take a rule in schooling. Over a century of left-wing dominance over education has had its effect.

Many on the right are saying that parents who want to change America should start by taking their kids out of the “indoctrination factories” called public schools. To these conservatives, school closures and online learning have been a blessing in disguise, for they have shown parents what really goes on in schools.