Outrage throughout the nation quite expectedly continues to grow as radical leftists and Marxists keep pushing what is known as “critical race theory” down America’s throat, seeking to delude young white students into believeing they are racist simply because of their skin color.

Yet, it has become obvious long ago that the CRT itself is nothing but pure racism.

The CRT teaching, or better say, the indoctrination, is beyond obnoxious, not even to mention how it is plain wrong just like most, if not all, ideologies based on Marxism.

It’s no wonder then that the number of states that have already outlawed “critical race theory” is rapidly growing and will expectedly continue to grow.

CRT is a modern left-wing political weapon

A central part of instilling guilt complexes among white Americans is the issue of “reparations” – which started out as reparations for slavery and has now morphed into reparations for “systemic racism” and “white supremacy”.

That will remain the case for at least two more years – or as long as the Democrats keep up their practices from the past 60 years: deluding black Americans and people of color in general that they are protecting them from the evil-minded Republican Party.

After all, a mere 9 years ago, today’s Democrat President Joe Biden stated that then GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was going to put slaves back in chains!

Against that backdrop, an enlightened young black woman has destroyed all arguments in favor of “reparations” in a single-minute video.

The same woman previously exposed the narrative about ‘Woke White Ladies’ as well as “woke black people.”

In her video, the young woman states how she doesn’t agree with the notion that “healing” over slavery would begin only with having reparations – a statement recently made by a pastor on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre.

The woman asks rhetorically, since it is 2021 already, how it would be determined who gets reparations and who doesn’t.

She points out that not every black person is a descendant of a slave and not every descendant of a slave is black, and that not every person who was a slave was black.

Reparations will divide, not heal

She further poses a string of well-reasoned questions: are we talking about slaves who were freed after the Civil War ended or about slaves who were freed in the decades after the first slave ships arrived?

The young woman notes that in a lot of the Northern states slavery ended just after the Revolutionary War.

Besides the bewildering “practical” aspects of determining potential reparations, the young lady emphasizes how there is no way that reparations can be considered the first step to healing.

She stresses that the first step to healing is forgiveness, and that stating right away how “they”, i.e. white people, do not deserve forgiveness would preclude any form of healing.

The young woman comments that if one has a wound that hasn’t healed, it’s probably because that person keeps picking at it.

She states that if a person’s heart is full of bitterness, there would be no room for joy or peace.

She notes further that holding on to bitterness is bondage, and many who do that have chained themselves to the dead, and, even worse, are passing that bitterness down to their children.

The young lady concludes by stating the great truth that forgiveness isn’t for other people but is designed so that one can set oneself free.