Far-left Maya Wiley, a progressive Democrat running for New York City mayor, has exhibited the kind of hypocrisy that is typical for her bunch by calling for defunding the police, all the while enjoying private security where she resides!

Wiley has been endorsed for NYC mayor by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY), which is a clear indication of her radical left political standing.

Her home is protected by non-stop patrols of private security guards in her neighborhood in Brooklyn, and yet, she has called for slashing a whopping $1 billion from the budget of the New York Police Department, the New York Post reports.

We don’t need security, but we’ll pay for it

Back in December, the far-leftist claimed she considered the private security “ridiculous” and thought that her neighborhood “shouldn’t have it.”

She also alleged that her partner Harlan Mandel had started to pay without her knowledge the annual fees to the Prospect Park South Charitable Trust which funds a guard to patrol the area.

The NYPD source outraged over Wiley’s stance was cited as accusing her of being “asinine” and “pandering for votes,” especially considering that the private security she’s using likely consists of retired police or military officers.

Wiley, Mandel, and their two daughters live in a historic home in the 70th Precinct valued at $2.7 million.

According to NYPD stats, the precinct has seen major crimes go down in 6 out 7 major categories this year.

In the neighboring 67th Precinct, however, major crimes have spiked in 4 of the 7 categories: auto thefts have gone up by 45.9%, rapes by 18.2%, and felony assaults by 9%.

As always - leftist hypocrisy

While some of Wiley’s neighbors have refused to pay for the security patrol, arguing that it “reeks of entitlement,” others have called the private police “very helpful”.

The respective guard is on duty seven days a week, from 4 pm until midnight, and can even pick up residents from the nearest subway station.

About half of the neighborhood’s 200 households contribute to pay for the patrols, said David Langdon, who is on the board of the charitable trust.

He and other residents have described how the private security guard has removed suspicious or unpleasant-looking people from the neighborhood, a “service” for which the police cannot be called up.

At the same time, Wiley, speaking in the Bronx, lashed out at the NYPD for arresting at least 22 people at Manhattan’s Washington Square Park on Saturday as the police officers were enforcing a new 10 pm curfew.

The measure was imposed after the NY Post published a story about rampant drug use and loud drunken gatherings there.

Against that drop, the far-left progressive Democrat, who uses private security in her own block, hypocritically argued that public safety didn’t need riot-gear police in Washington Square Park but was instead in need simply of “smart policing”.