New York City psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani, who told a Yale audience back in April of her dreams of killing white people, appears to be unperturbed by the public outcry after her story reached the media, and has defended herself by styling her critics “racists”!

During a lecture at Yale’s Child Study Center aptly entitled “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind”, Khilanani made it clear how she was infuriated by white people telling her not to be angry.

She also explained how she has fantasies of unloading revolvers into the head of any white person who might come her way.

At the same time, however, on her website, the psychiatrist alleges that she harbors a feeling of love for people.

A psychiatrist who dreams of killing people should be a patient

Meanwhile, Yale Prof. Nicholas Christakis eloquently stated on Twitter that Khilanani’s racism, against whites, apparently, must be “soundly rejected”.

He described her views as “deeply worrisome” and “counter-productive”.

A New York Post report pointed out that reviews have lambasted the racist psychiatrist, with many calling for the revoking of her license to practice medicine.

One reviewer said that upon entering her office, she put a revolver to their head telling them to play Russian roulette before they could be granted an appointment!

Nothing from the public reactions, however, appears to have swayed Khilanani in any way.

On Saturday, she sent an email to The New York Times, stating her words had been misconstrued and cited out of context by those seeking to “control the narrative.”

She argued that “unconscious” on race had to be “hit” with “real negative feelings” in order to break out of the dry racial discourse.

Blame it on racism… again

Khilanani further insisted that her metaphoric speaking was a way of “normalizing negative feelings” in order to prevent “violent action.”

She declared she stands by her work because “this country” needs healing.

She further blamed the public reaction to her words on “the dynamic of racism”, stating how most people have “disturbing fantasies”, and that actions, and not words or thoughts, are what matters.

A commentary by The Red State has expressed bewilderment at the fact that the highly controversial NYC psychiatrists hasn’t faced a much grander reaction of indignation after speaking brazenly of race-based murder.

The commentary contrasted the relatively muted public response as well as Khilanani’s own obnoxious denial of guilt with the case of actress Ellie Kemper, a star from “The Office”, who has been styled a racist and member of the KKK for attending a ball which didn’t use to allow black people 20 years prior to that.

While Kemper has bitten the apology, has atoned publicly for “crimes” she never committed, and has donated money to the BLM movement, and is still portrayed as a “racist”, Aruna Khilanani hasn’t done any of that and stands by her vision of race-based murder of white people.