Hypocrisy from the left has become a staple of American politics. The outrage machine selectively picks its targets to cancel while overlooking offenses from its so-called heroes. Jimmy Kimmel was the latest to get away with something when he made an offensive joke referring to Caitlyn Jenner as “Trump in a wig.” Outrage only applies when right-wingers open their mouths.

Silence Greets Kimmel’s Cruel Attack on Jenner

Of course, there is a double standard going on here because Jenner is a GOP candidate for office in California. Thus, it is fair game to make jokes about Jenner because cancel culture only goes after the right. Jenner has responded to Kimmel’s attack, calling attention to the late-night hosts’ insensitivity to the LGBT community.

Yet, this is a story that has not garnered any headlines because the left simply does not care when its own people exhibit the behavior that they spend their time denouncing. According to Jenner, your woke card is optional when you are a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party.

Bill Maher Also Got Away With It Too

This is just the latest tasteless late-night attack against Jenner. Kimmel seems to have made it his mission to bash Jenner every chance he gets. Liberal icon Bill Maher has also made offensive comments about transgender people at the same time that the Democrats try to make transgender rights a campaign wedge issue.

The thought police seem to be selectively enforcing the “norms” that they imagine for society. Fox News personalities face boycotts and pressure while Hollywood gets away with anything it wants in the name of humor. The case of Caitlyn Jenner has laid bare the double standards that plague the media and politics.