Viral Video Explores Different Side of Relationship Warning Flags

TikTok user Kayla Nicole is changing the way that people think about relationships. In a series of compelling videos, Nichole argues how traditional relationship red flags may actually be green flags. Here is what she says about these signs and how you can interpret them to mean something different.

Not Texting Back Right Away

While many people see not texting back right away as a red flag, Nicole argues that this is actually a sign that the person has a life. It also is a good sign that the individual is not tied to technology.

Not Sharing Everything

Some people erroneously think that sharing their life story upfront is a sign of a healthy relationship. Nicole believes that it is better to have healthy boundaries at the beginning of the dating cycle.

Choosing to Hang Out With Friends

Nicole feels strongly that it is a good sign if the person sometimes chooses to hang out with their friends over the person that they are dating. She points out that it is healthy to still want to be with other people. Both parties in the relationship should feel free to hang out with friends and family.

Continuing to See Other People

The video explains how wanting to jump into a serious relationship right away can instantly kill the vibe.

As long as the other person is being upfront about continuing to see other people, this will give you the opportunity to explore the relationship and its potential in a healthy way.

The initial TikTok went viral so quickly that Nicole released a follow-up video expounding on this idea even further.