Ivory Hecker, a Fox 26 Houston reporter, has been trending on social media of late for a few stunning comments that she made just as she was set to go on air to do a weather segment.

It’s not often that a local news reporter makes a nationwide splash like this, but the things she said certainly raised eyebrows and warrant a great deal of attention.

On June 14, Hecker was to do a story on Fox 26 about the heatwave that had been sweeping through Houston. She was supposed to talk about what that heatwave had been doing to air conditioners in the area.

Though she was able able to get in a brief discussion of that during her segment, it’s the incredible things that she said before that raised eyebrows.

Fox Appears to Be “Muzzling” Journalists

In a word, Hecker went live and accused her own network of muzzling her and other reporters, preventing them from discussing or reporting on certain stories that it would be in the public interest to make known.

Hecker then announced that she is in possession of certain recordings that prove that her allegations are true. She said that she has handed over those recordings to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas and that the undercover journalism group will be making the recordings public sometime on June 15.

This method of drawing attention to Project Veritas’ work is actually ingenious. Big Tech has taken great steps to silence O’Keefe’s organization and prevent its work from reaching a wide audience.

Both James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have been banned from Twitter. However, announcing the story in this way can get it trending and circumvent the restrictions imposed by the large social media firms.

Hecker did not reveal exactly what the recordings pertain to, but given Project Veritas’ track record on exposing everyone from CNN to Facebook and the New York Times, it certainly promises to be juicy.

Project Veritas has, however, released a recording of a call between Hecker and Fox 26’s Assistant News Director Lee Meier informing her that she had been terminated by the network over her on-air comments.