Sebastian Stan is a Romanian-born actor best known for playing the role of Carter Baizen in the show “Gossip Girl” and for starring as Bucky Barnes all throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

By all accounts, Stan has had a fairly successful career, and he certainly hasn’t been shy about dating lots of beautiful women. Over the years, actresses like Diana Aragon, Jennifer Morrison and Leighton Meester have been his paramours.

But it’s his most recent and current girlfriend, Spanish model and actress Alejandra Onieva, who has landed Stan in some hot water and inspired calls that he be canceled.

Why Is the Internet Mad at Sebastian Stan?

Stan has been private about his relationship with Onieva. Though they have apparently been seeing one another for about a year, they have only recently confirmed that they are together.

However, recently, a Twitter User named angelas550 found some photos of Onieva dressed in what looks like a Japanese Geisha outfit. A caption underlying the picture simply read “Asian night.”

This sent some quarters of the internet into a wild and furious frenzy. Many were offended by the idea of a white woman wearing traditional Japanese dress and denounced this as racist and as an example of cultural appropriation.

When people began bringing this to Stan’s attention on Twitter and calling his girlfriend a racist, he responded by blocking people. Before long, people got even angrier and the hashtag #sebastianstanisoverparty began trending on Twitter.

The fury grew, but not everyone was angry at Stan. Many, in fact, were angry at the people who were talking about his girlfriend. They denounced people for spamming Stan with pictures of his girlfriend and then calling her names.

Regardless of what your opinion on this case is, as with any piece of contemporary internet drama, the Sebastian Stan saga has formed passionate opposing sides that each denounces the other and isn’t willing to give anyone an inch.