A famous Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson used his show on Wednesday night to put Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot under fire!

Carlson’s criticism came under the Chicago Tribune revealed how the Chicago Mayor behaved aggressively and arrogantly toward her staff members.

The Fox News host said that Lightfoot “needed help, but not as much as her staff members did.”

Mocking the abusive behavior

Carlson even jokingly called for an “extraction of hostages” in the Chicago city government.

The famous anchor also gave examples of Lightfoot’s rude email behavior.

In one instance, back in January, Lightfoot reportedly told her staff members that she needed office time every day.

To make things more unpleasant, she wrote the same line 16 times in a row.

Lightfoot did not end there.

She also pointed out that just a few days in a week would not be enough for her office time.

The Chicago Mayor repeated this line ten times in a row.

She concluded her email by threatening to “cancel things every day” if her request does not get approved immediately.

In a seemingly rude tone, Lightfoot asked her colleagues if she “made herself finally clear.”

Even though Carlson did not mention it, the Chicago Mayor asked this same question thirteen times in a row, much like she did with earlier statements.

Carlson’s comments

After describing Lighfoot’s behavior, the famous Fox News anchor compared her to Jack Torrance, a leading character from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, marvelously played by Jack Nicholson.

Much to the pleasure of the audience, Carlson ironically screamed: “Heeere’s Lori.”

The host continued with a more serious tone, characterizing Lightfoot’s behavior as terrifying but ultimately ineffective.

Carlson even talked about Lightfoot’s memo policy from May last year, which involved not only the rejection of late submissions of memos but also their tearing accompanied with Mayor’s unrestrained anger.

The Fox News host mentioned that Lightfoot even sent fragments of torn memos to her colleagues via email, describing the Mayor as a “human shredding machine.”

Carlson concluded his take on Lightfoot by asking the audience how long should a person like that remain in a Mayor’s Office of the third-largest city in the U.S.