TikTok has been all the rage for a while now, especially among younger people. And while the video-sharing app constitutes a massive viral internet trend in its own right, TikTok has also been the source and the host of an enormous number of smaller and more short-lived viral trends.

Many of these fads have involved the practice of users turning themselves into some kind of animated figure. Whether you want TikTok to display you as a superhero, an anime character or a Disney princess, it’s all been made possible before.

But the very latest animated filter trend that has been taking TikTok by storm allows users to transform themselves into Pixar-style animations and characters.

Here’s the basic rundown on this new trend that everyone has been jumping in on.

How to Make Yourself Into a Pixar Character

Technically, the ability to turn yourself into a Pixar character is not something that exists natively on TikTok. Instead, it exists on Snapchat, and you can record a Snapchat video of yourself as a Pixar animation and repost it on TikTok, which many have been doing.

To do all of this, you will need a third-party app called Voila Al Artist. This app allows you to apply cartoon filters, which Snapchat calls lenses, to your face when you take pictures or record videos on Snapchat. Voila Al Artist provides you with three cartoon lenses, the most realistic of which is called Cartoon 3D Style. This lens not only closely mimics the Pixar animation style but also has motion features, meaning that as you move your face while recording, the cartoon effect will remain.

Once you’ve downloaded Voila Al Artist, go into Snapchat, and hit the smiling face to the right of the camera button. From there, you will see a search bar appear in the bottom right. Once you type “cartoon” into that bar, the lenses you need will appear. Just choose “Cartoon 3D Style,” and you’re ready to go.

Voila Al Artist also has an additional little trick that it can do for photos taken through Snapchat. Once you take a photo with it, Voila Al Artist will place a grid atop your original photo and generate three different cartoon versions of it. You can then choose to use whichever of these you like best.