Portland cops had enough!

After a year and a half of constant and continuous abuse, the police officers of this crime-stricken city decided to simply raise their hands and surrender, figuratively comparing their case with the systematic abuse of animals that would be sanctioned in every normal society.

However, when it comes to police officers, nobody does anything, as if they are worth less than animals.

Portland officers, more specifically their “rapid response team (RRT),” have decided they will no longer participate in activities that have left almost all of their members beaten at some point.

Everyday bone fractures, head traumas, burnt skin, and other injuries finally took a toll, all thanks to prominent individuals who incited anarchist and far-left groups violence against those who serve and protect us.

But this is just the beginning …

Other riot squads expected to follow Portland’s example

The second Riot squad, which has been supporting RRT in recent months, has also reportedly decided to give up on further actions, confirming growing rumors that a similar move will be made by Riot Squads in Los Angeles and Seattle, cities also affected by the violence of anarchists and members of the BLM.

And it all started when high-ranking officials started portraying rioters as victims of a corrupt system, which conclusively resulted in depicting the police as aggressors.

As stated by RRT leader Lieutenant Jacob Clark, although police action has not changed, and especially not to the extent that it would harm the rights of the civilian population in any way, the interpretation of police work by senior officials and the constant introduction of new rules have only caused damage, which seems irreparable at this point.

Additionally, the comprehensive restriction on the use of physical force and the tools used by police officers have led to anti-riot forces becoming scapegoats left at the mercy of violent groups on the streets of Portland.

Anti-police rhetoric would be nothing without a bunch of money

All these new “movements” directed against the police have one name in common - George Soros.

Admittedly, the self-proclaimed philanthropist managed to win over many celebrities from the public scene with a very intelligent and calculated scheme, including singer John Legend and Shaun King, one of the founders of BLM, who poured millions of dollars into political campaigns of those who portrayed the police as the cause of the problem, not the solution.

Much of these funds were spent on the election of the new District Attorneys, whose scope of work is easily recognizable by two main points.

The first is that all the newly elected DAs are victims of woke ideology.

In their public appearances, the newly elected woke DAs vehemently oppose the police, use isolated cases of police violence as the main argument to make a point, and generally advocate defunding PDs, reducing police officers’ numbers, and frequently call for further restriction of police work.

The second point, the one they never talk about, is far more frightening!

By choosing new, woke DAs, cities like Los Angeles and Portland have become less safe places to live.

In these cities, the percentage of homelessness, drug trafficking, and everyday violence has never been higher.

But even fact-based data doesn’t stop some senior officials, like the head of the Department of Finance and Administrative Service who called police officers white supremacists who worship a false god!

The question that remains is - where does all this lead?


Well, the time will tell. Although we are short on it.