The IRS has decided that it will refuse to grant certain religious organizations tax-exempt status based on their political activities. However, some groups are pushing back against this.

Christians Engaged is a group headquartered in Garland, Texas, which seeks to motivate Christians to become politically engaged and to get them to advocate the adoption of Biblical principles in the political arena.

Joe Biden’s IRS has recently decided that it doesn’t like this. Christians Engaged has attempted to file for tax-exempt status. While the group does have political goals, it is explicitly non-partisan, as even one look at its website would reveal. The IRS, however, has chosen to ignore this fact and to refuse to grant Christians Engaged tax-exempt status.

Why? Because even though the group has the right to that status, the political activists in charge of the IRS have decided that they don’t like its political goals. Left-wing political activists are not about to make it easier for their enemies to operate. Taxing one’s political opponents to death is just one more weapon in the culture war.

As the letter to Christians Engaged from the IRS’ Office of Exempt Organizations Rulings and Agreements states, “You are not as described in IRC Section 501(c)(3) because you are not operated exclusively for religious and educational purposes. Specifically, you are engaged in prohibited political campaign invention.”

There is no evidence that Christians Engaged is involved in any particular political campaigns for any particular office or that it wants to help any particular party.

However, conservatives believe this is coming down to one point: that the IRS doesn’t like the group’s views.