People always talk about how important teachers and coaches are to a young child, but people rarely stop to think about how big a difference a good bus driver makes, particularly when that bus driver incorporates random acts of kindness into the lives of their passengers.

The Importance of Bus Drivers

When you stop and think about how much time a bus driver spends with the students who ride their bus, it’s no surprise that stories occasionally break about how they have had a huge impact on a child’s life.

A Bad Hair Day Leads to a Random Act of Kindness

A school bus driver named Tracy Dean played a massive role in helping a 10-year-old girl who rode her bus deal with some pretty significant emotional baggage, and it all started over a hair dilemma.

The young girl and her father couldn’t figure out what to do about her hair. Eventually, the girl noticed that Dean was helping another student style her hair. Dean’s hairstyling efforts were pretty and fashionable, something the young girl craved.

The girl approached Dean, who graciously agreed to deal with the tangles the girl and her father couldn’t ever conquer and arranged it into a more chic style that helped build confidence in the young girl. Dean’s random act of kindness also enabled the young girl to work through the terrible grief of losing her mother to a prolonged illness.

Small Gestures Impact Lives

Dean did more than simply brush the girl’s hair.

She also helped her learn how to take care of her long hair and even style it herself. Not only did Dean’s young rider develop more self-confidence and independence, but she also learned that wonderful things can happen when you take a chance and ask for help.

Dean’s random act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed. The young student’s teacher sent a special recognition letter describing Dean’s actions to the Department of Transportation and showcased how she had helped build confidence in girls.

It just goes to show that the simplest of actions can really change the world!