Lifetime Film Tells Story of Erin Corwin’s Murder

The true-crime film “Secrets of a Marine’s Life” aired Saturday night on Lifetime, bringing to life the murder of Erin Corwin. According to the Lifetime synopsis, the film explored the murder of 19-year-old Corwin at the hands of her neighbor.

Details of Murder

In the film, Corwin, played by Sadie Calvano, went missing when she was expecting her first child with her husband, US Marine Corporal Jon Corwin. Played in the film by Evan Roderick, Corwin and the family led a search for the missing woman. The body was found approximately two months after the June 2014 disappearance. She was found at the bottom of an abandoned mineshaft in Joshua Tree National Park.

Who Was Responsible for Corwin’s Death?

Detectives discovered that Corwin had been having an affair with Marine Christoper Lee. What was once a neighborly friendship turned into an illicit affair. It was also alleged that Lee was the father of Corwin’s unborn baby, adding another layer of intrigue to the mystery of the disappearance and murder.

Lee Arrested

Lee was eventually arrested in Alaska after moving there with his family. Prosecutors based their case on the belief that Lee murdered Corwin to hide the relationship. During the November 2016 trial, Lee admitted to killing her in what he said was a fit of rage.

He detailed how he took Corwin out to the desert and used a piece of rebar to strangle her to death. Lee then pushed his lover down into a mineshaft before setting it on fire to try to hide the evidence.

Lee is currently serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole for first-degree murder.