Nine-year-old Isabella Pieri had recently lost her mother, who died after six years of fighting a rare brain illness. Life was her was a painful and difficult struggle, but with her father’s love and support, she was able to adjust to this new and unfortunate reality as best as possible.

With her father’s help, Isabella learned to nearly everything on her own that her mother used to help her with. Despite this, as you can imagine, the poor little girl still faced difficulties.

Seeing this, Isabella’s school bus driver Tracy Dean desperately wanted to do the decent thing and help the little girl along in some way, but the driver’s desire not to pry into personal family matters kept her from doing anything.

A Compassionate Bus Driver

As Isabella grew older and began entering her pubescent years, hormonal changes began to come over her body. She would have constant and unmanageable “bad hair days.”

Isabella’s father Phillip was at a loss about what to do. He tried his best to be a good father, but neither he nor Isabella’s brother could do much to make Isabella’s long hair look nice in the morning. As Isabella looked around and saw that the other girls in her class had nicely styled hair, she began to grow frustrated.

When Phillip suggested cutting her hair short, this only made Isabella angrier. Eventually, Isabella was given a pixie cut. Isabella’s hair grew back and the tangles returned.

Eventually, though, the poor girl world up the courage to ask her bus driver for help. Eventually, after all of the kids would get off the bus, Isabella noticed that one child would stay on a bit longer. Isabella realized that Tracy Dean was styling that girl’s hair before class. Would she style hers too?

When Isabella finally worked up the courage to ask for help, Dean gleefully accepted.

Isabella herself would also get a fresh pep in her step while at school.

As you might imagine, Isabella’s father was deeply touched and profoundly grateful for what Tracy had done for his daughter.

This heartwarming story illustrates something that we all already know in the pits of our souls: that giving is rewarding, too.