Mark and Patricia McCloskey have bought at least one new rifle over the weekend after their own firearms have been confiscated by law enforcement in the wake of their last year’s standoff with BLM rioters.

Mark McCloskey on Saturday tweeted two photos showing him and his wife as they were buying a new AR-15 rifle.

Apparently, the firearm purchase was made shortly after last week the family was forced to give up at least two guns, having pleaded guilty on charges connected with the standoff.

Last Thursday, Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to a 4th-degree assault misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree assault.

The charge in question is nowhere near as serious as the original felony charge against him over unlawful weapon use and evidence tampering.

His wife Patricia was at first charged with the same serious offenses but eventually pleaded guilty to a 2nd-degree harassment misdemeanor.

Besides surrendering the firearms that helped them in their standoff with rioters from Black Lives Matter, the McCloskey’s were also fined, with Mark being ordered to pay $750, and Patricia – $2,000 plus another $10 to the crime victims’ fund of St. Louis.

McCloskey running for Senate

The famous confrontation between the McCloskeys and a group of BLM rioters occurred in June 2020, when rioters entered their gated community in St. Louis to march to the house of then-city Mayor Lyda Krewson.

Krewson’s house was in the same private community, down the street from the home of the McCloskeys.

The McCloskeys pulled out their firearms at the rioters claiming they had threatened them physically after entering their private neighborhood.

The couple was prosecuted by Kim Gardner, St. Louis Circuit Attorney, who later even used the felony charges she had pressed against them in an email for fundraising, leading to her censure by a judge.

In May 2021, Mark McCloskey announced his candidacy to become the next Missouri member of the US Senate.

McCloskey says he has always been a Republican.

He has managed to take advantage of his BLM confrontation and the legal battler after that to jumpstart his campaign.

He told Fox News he had been awakened by God disguised as a mob knocking on his door, and he is now seeking to become a politician outside of establishment politics.