A US transsexual athlete, Chelsea Wolfe, who is a BMX Freestyle rider and an alternate for the summer Olympics in Tokyo, declared her desire to win a medal just so she could burn the American flag publicly in front of the whole world on the Olympic podium.

In a Facebook post from March 2020, which has since been deleted, Wolfe wrote that her “goal” for the upcoming Olympics is to “burn” America’s flag “on the podium.”

The comment was made as she shared a link to a story about the Trump administration’s opposition to allowing transgender girls to compete in female athletics.

Triggered by - Trump

In the same short three-sentence post, Wolfe accused the Trump administration of “hurting trans children”, and lambasted it for choosing to focus on the issue at hand “during a pandemic.”

In another Facebook post, Wolfe joked about blowing up the head of President Donald Trump. According to a screenshot shared by journalist Ian Miles Cheong, she wrote that calling for Trump’s head to be exploded would be illegal but that she’d say “with dynamite” since that would only be a sentence fragment, which might not be connected with the sentence preceding it.

When approached by Fox News for an explanation, Wolfe stated that her last year’s Facebook threat to burn the American flag on the Olympic podium should not be taken to mean that she didn’t care about her home country.

In her words, anybody who might get that idea from her flag-burning desire would be “sorely mistaken”.

She went on to argue that she is working really hard to be able to represent America in international competitions in order to demonstrate that her country does have values and morals instead of “all the bad things” that she believes the US is known for.

Wolfe then engaged in a tirade on how she was “against fascism” and wasn’t going to allow the US to end up in the hands of “fascists” against the backdrop of many people losing their lives to prevent the triumph of fascism abroad.

Wolfe has no clue what fascism is

Apparently, equating President Donald Trump with “fascism”, Wolfe’s defensive comments after her flag-burning and exploding-presidential-head narratives, reveal no understanding whatsoever of what actual fascism means.

Even when justifying her ill-minded original comments she kept attacking the United States, a seemingly incessant desire to smear the beacon of hope and the greatest country in the world ever.

Thus, while Wolfe is only an alternate to represent the United States in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, with her disgraceful and hypocritical comments, she has become only the second trans athlete associated with the Olympics to make news headlines – after New Zealand weight lifter Laurel Hubbard.

Hubbard just made headlines as she is going to be the first transgender athlete ever to participate in the Olympics.

She will be challenging for the title in the super heavyweight division of female weightlifting, already spurring an outrage of other women weightlifters who were appalled by the idea of having to compete against an opponent who was born as a biological male.