Journalist Christopher Rufo, a fierce crusader against Critical Race Theory, is firing back at the Washington Post. In a piece entitled, “Republicans, spurred by an unlikely figure, see political promise in critical race theory,” the Washington Post attempt to cast doubt on Rufo’s reporting and alleged that his characterizations of CRT training seminars were not accurate.

Moreover, NBC News published an extremely similar hit piece. Bother articles even used the very same tweet from Rufo in order to inaccurately characterize his views and impugn his motives.

Shortly thereafter, however, the Washington Post was forced to issue a “clarification” obliquely admitting that what it had said about Rufo was not true.

The Washington Post’s original article made it seem like Rufo was invited to meet with then-President Donald Trump at the White House within only a day or two of appearing on Fox News to sound the alarm about critical race theory.

In reality, Rufo did not attend meetings at the White House until months after that Fox News appearance.

More seriously, the Post alleged that one of the lessons that Rufo pointed to as an instance of compulsory CRT training did not actually happen. The lesson required students at a school in Cupertino, California to selected “social identities” like those of their race, class and gender, and then to say which of these were part of the so-called “dominant culture,” and which ones weren’t.

The Post quoted the president of the Cupertino Union School Board as saying that this lesson never happened. This was also false. The lesson was, in fact, taught once before being abruptly canceled. Moreover, Washington Post editor Mike Semel admitted to Rufo via email that he did not have a recording or a transcript of that alleged quotation from the president of the Cupertino Union School Board.

The story also mischaracterized Rufo’s descriptions and criticisms of CRT and claimed that they were not accurate. Rufo took to Twitter to celebrate his vindication and concluded a series of tweets on the matter by saying, “Democracy dies when the media lies.”