As is commonly known, the force of love and human attraction can transcend borders, oceans, and decades. Unfortunately, when a couple meets at a young age and falls in love, external factors can sometimes separate them. However, love can withstand the test of time, as the story of Janice Rude and Prentiss Willson proves. Fifty years after they were forced to call off their engagement, they reunited and rekindled their love.

The Beginnings

Janice and Prentiss met at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. They first met while Janice was employed at the college canteen, where she served Prentiss. When they first saw each other, it seemed to be that both of them instantly fell in love.

They first started off with a shy conversation as most relationships do, but almost instantly, it blossomed into something more. Though they came from such different backgrounds, their love bound them together.

The Conflict

However, problems began to arise when both of their families did not approve of the relationship because they wanted the couple to focus on their studies more. After Janice and Prentiss became engaged, her father went so far as to threaten not to pay for her university if she and Prentiss got married. Therefore, they had to split and call off their engagement.

The Reunion

After college, both Janice and Prentiss went on to live separate lives and marry different people.

However, they still possessed their long-lost bond. After both of them became divorced, they reunited by finding their deceased mothers’ records from when they were young. They decided to get back together, and 50 years after their original breakup, Janice Rude and Prentiss Willson got engaged again. This time, they were successfully able to get married.