Andrew Yang is one of the best examples of a politician who has no spine or respect for America. His presidential campaign was one of the ugliest in recent memory. While running on the pie-in-the-sky socialist doctrine of a “Freedom Dividend,” which just means giving out free money to everyone, Yang always made strange gestures towards supporters, such as literally awkwardly dispensing whipped cream into their mouths. All of his supporters were jobless online trolls who called themselves the “Yang Gang.” None of them had any idea about how politics and economics work.

The Mayoral Campaign of Silliness

Since Andrew Yang’s dead-end presidential bid went down in flames after failing to crack the debate stage in the Democratic primary, he spontaneously decided he wants to become the mayor of New York City.

To win the Democratic primary in NYC, you have to appease the furthest socialist leftist fringe of the liberal base, and that is exactly the calculation that Yang made. However, Yang did not run on any sort of policy in the mayoral race. Instead, his only campaign appeal attempt was telling people to vote for him, just because he ran for president a year and a half ago. Moreover, he committed some typical gaffes that out-of-touch politicians make, such as saying he was going to the Bronx while on a subway train that terminated in Washington Heights, Manhattan.

Disrespect for America’s Allies and Glorification of Enemies

When asked by a reporter about the most recent outrageous comments by congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Yang just ignored it and walked away.

Specifically, the question was about how Omar lumped America, Israel, and terrorist groups such as Hamas together. Yang turns a blind eye to the rampant antisemitism in the Democratic Party and disrespects our only democratic ally in the Middle East.