CNN anchor Don Lemon is a black man who has lambasted America for being a racist country – and yet, ironically, his home décor has been found to feature a décor deemed very racist and “white supremacist.”

In a recent interview for The Washington Post, Lemon went all out on criticism of the United States for anti-black racism.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, however, exposed Lemon for having a “mammy” cookie jar in his mansion.

Carlson reminded that in his recent Washington Post interview, his colleague from CNN spoke out about his feelings when it comes to civil rights.

Lemon declared that America had two different realities, one for white people and another for black people and that Trump was a badly needed wake-up call so that America can realize “how racist it is.”

The saga of “Mammie jar”

Pointing out that Lemon is actually making millions of dollars per year for leading a failing show, Carlson criticized the CNN anchor for seeking to portray himself as a victim.

He further noted that Lemon lives in a $4.3 million home in Sag Harbor, New York, one of America’s whitest towns at 80% white and 3% black rate.

Carlson blasted Lemon for lecturing America on diversity while apparently seeking to run away from it.

However, the “most troubling discovery” with respect to Don Lemon is the “mammy” cookie jar in his $300k designer kitchen.

Because of that, Carlson went on to sarcastically declare that Lemon must be a white supremacist.

He noted that the “mammy jar” has been Lemon’s home for a long time now since it was visible in the background during CNN’s New Year’s Eve festivities which were held remotely this January due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lemon’s hypocrisy

Carlson said with his mammy jar, Don Lemon has managed to “out-Sharpton” even Al Sharpton who has his own show and does the same thing as him hypocritically complaining about racism in America, but on MSNBC.

It is worth imagining the leftist fury that would have ensued if the mammy cookie jar was found in the home of a person hated by the left, and not “one of their own”.

The person in question doesn’t need to be a white conservative.

It could be a black Republican Senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott, whom Lemon recently attacked for his comments that “woke supremacy” is no better than “white supremacy.”

It is highly unsettling that anybody would feel comfortable having a “mammy” cookie jar in their home.

All the more so if it is a person like Don Lemon, who is more powerful and wealthy than 99% of all people in America, and who deems himself an ultimate judge on who is a white supremacist.