The world-famous statue of one of the greatest American Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, which has been decorating the doorstep of The American Museum of Natural History for more than 80 years, is going to be removed after it was styled a symbol of racism and colonial oppression.

The move ensues after a woke body of the administration of NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, the city’s Public Design Commission, voted on Monday to remove the Teddy Roosevelt statue from its original place and to move it to a still unspecified location.

The statue has been criticized by leftists for decades as an expression of racism and white supremacy as it shows President Theodore Roosevelt on horseback alongside an African man and a Native American man.

Columbus, Washington, Roosevelt… Who’s next?

Roosevelt himself has been closely associated with the American Museum of Natural History.

His father was among the museum’s founders.

Back in 2006, the famous Hollywood comedy “Night at the Museum” saw Robin Williams play a Teddy Roosevelt wax statue coming to life.

According to the NYT, the vilified bronze statue of Theodore Roosevelt, which was unveiled in 1940, is going to be relocated to a still unknown cultural institution that would honor the president’s legacy.

The globally known statue of Teddy Roosevelt is the work of James Earle Fraser who made it so it would stand for the president’s “friendliness of all races”.

Nonetheless, the current wokeism narrative has sought to maliciously turn that 180 degrees violently putting forth its own ill-minded interpretation that it stood for racism, white supremacy, and colonialist oppression instead.

The statue has been defaced several times.

Back in 2017, it was smeared by leftist vandals with red liquid standing for blood.

The attacks against President Theodore Roosevelt, one of the highest towering, most inspiring figures in American history, have taken off after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020 – as have attacks on a wide range of other glorious heroes who made the United States of America what it is today.

Leftist fundamentalists have been moving rapidly towards an all-out assault on American identity seeking to deceitfully portray its entire history as being based on racism and oppression.

The statue of Teddy Roosevelt proudly standing guard before the American Museum of Natural History in New York City has been a logical target for the far-left radicals – especially considering the fact that statues of Christopher Columbus and George Washington have been attacked in “anti-racism” protests in the past year alone.