Pastor James Cusick, a 73-year-old veteran from Vietnam decorated with a Purple Heart, was detained in a show arrest at his Florida home for having been present at the Capitol on the 6th of January even though he did not commit any vandalism or violence.

Cusick’s son Casey was also arrested on Thursday morning, without being accused of any wrongdoing, and the arrest was made before the eyes of his 3-year-old daughter.

Cusick’s daughter Staci, Casey’s sister, described told the Gateway Pundit of the heartbreaking arrest scenes.

Arrested for - going to the bathroom?!

She explained that during his arrest, the 73-year-old Vietnam vet asked what it was regarding, and he was told it was since on January 6 he entered the building of the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

Staci Cusick said her father was shocked to learn the reason for the arrest since when he was at the Capitol, he was actually directed by police officers to a bathroom, and was never actually told to leave.

After some questioning and searching, the officers who arrested the elderly pastor who has never been in trouble with the law took him and his daughter inside and told him to get the clothes he wore that day, and he complied.

They also told Staci to bring his passport to the court as she goes to collect him after the arraignment.

They said Cusick would be trialed in Washington, DC, or in the state of Virginia.

FBI is arresting everybody

At the time of the pastor’s arrest, FBI and law enforcement agents also went to the homes of his son Casey and a friend of his, arresting them as well.

Casey Cusick was busted right in front of his three-year-old daughter who asked her mother why her dad’s hands were being locked.

James Cusick’s friend was arrested at about the same time when he was returning with his wife from taking her to a heart doctor.

The FBI agents were waiting for him at their home.

The three men who maintain that they never engaged in any acts of violence or vandalism at the Capitol on January 6 are receiving help for their representation by renowned attorney John Pierce, who is also the lawyer for many other January 6 protesters.

Pierce lambasted the federal authorities for “rounding up” any American citizen over January 6 and said his organization, National Constitutional Law Union, would be honored to help the defense of those affected.

He said the defendants are certain to be pleading not guilty to any charges and hopes that the court trials would help bring out the truth about the January 6 events at the US Capitol.