Democrat President Joe Biden has added new levels of weirdness and confusion to his already expansive record in that regard with his latest public appearances, this time insulting black people and Hispanics, and also starting to lean and whisper to reporters in a bizarre manner.

As he was speaking in order to try to convince more Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 – after the White House already admitted his 70% by July 4 goal cannot be reached – Biden was explaining why he thought parts of the US population were unwilling to get the shot.

He made clear his belief that some African Americans did not want to get vaccinated because they recalled how the “Tuskegee Airmen” got experimented upon.

The Democrat president seems to be in utter confusion here as he mixed up the Tuskegee Airmen, who were a notable contingent of black pilots who fought in World War II, with the Tuskagee Study.

The latter was a horrific medical study on syphilis between 1932 and 1972, the most notorious biomedical study in US history, in which public health officials lied to black men that they were being treated for the disease while in fact, they weren’t.

Another gaffe

Then Biden went on to explain why he believed Hispanics were reluctant to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Except he didn’t speak of “Hispanics” but instead used the bizarre woke “non-gender affirming” term “Latinx”, which most Hispanic people dislike – and he mispronounced it on top of that.

But what was even worse is that the Democrat president declared that “Latinx” are worried that they will be vaccinated and then deported.

That clearly betrayed that Biden apparently thinks that anybody who is Hispanic, or “Latinx” resides illegally in the United States – a statement definitely warranting an apology to a large number of Americans.

If a Republican had said something to that end, the leftists’ outcry would be unimaginable – but since it is their own president who said it, the mainstream media and the leftist establishment are once again shutting their eyes – and ears.

Besides managing to insult both African Americans and Hispanics in 45 seconds, Biden also blew up the liberal media’s deceitful narrative that it was those horrible Trump supporters who were refusing COVID-19 vaccines.

Against that backdrop, some of Biden’s other bizarre – and outright creepy – recent reactions appear as maybe less striking but they do deserve to be called out.

As he was responding to journalists’ questions over the compromise deal he reached with the Senate Republicans on the infrastructure package, the Democrat president several times leaned forward into reporters and answered them by whispering loudly into the microphone – just as the American public was wondering how much more bizarre his public appearances might get.