Imagine going out partying and having a wild night — a truly wild night. Imagine one of those nights where, upon waking up the next morning, you need some time to gather your bearings because you aren’t quite sure of what you had done.

Then, imagine looking at your bank account balance and finding that you not only totally depleted it while you were out last night, but that you’re in fact overdrawn now.

All of that would be pretty terrible, but what would you do if, after your wild night out, you found yourself nearly $50 billion dollars in debt?

That is exactly what happened to Maddie McGivern of California.

The $50 Billion Party

After a night out with her friend, McGivern opened her mobile banking app the next morning. She had a previous balance of $76.28 but had spent $681 that week. Somehow, this resulted in a crushingly absurd debt of $49,999,999,697.98.

McGivern and her friend Gabe Flores then both took to social media to show this crazy occurrence to the world. Flores posted a TikTok video revealing the gargantuan bank balance screw-up and posted the caption: “We went out to the bar, and Maddie checked her phone when we got home, and she’s -$50 billion dollars in debt.”

Maddie was extremely exasperated. She could not remember spending anywhere close to that amount of money the previous night.

In a series of TikTok videos, McGivern would talk about the issue with the online community, musing about what might have happened. Later, she uploaded videos showing her conversation with Chase bank. “I wish I could say I bought the city of Los Angeles. It’s not the case here. I’m not really sure what inclined me to check my bank account at like 2 a.m. But I did. And then I saw -$49 billion,” she said.

The banking representative was dumbfounded by the problem and put her on hold. Thankfully, it was all eventually discovered to have been a giant banking error and was resolved.

Still, this is an incredibly amusing story.