George Floyd’s younger brother, Philonise Floyd, has just said the three words likely leading the Black Lives Matter movement and the wider left to flip out!

All lives matter!

Philonise Floyd spoke out after a judge sentenced former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin to a total of 22.5 years in prison for the death of George Floyd.

George’s younger brother had the courage to stand up and declare that it isn’t only black lives that matter but that all lives do.

Does BLM really care about black lives?

Even though this fact should be treated as nothing else but a simple truth, the far left, including much of the BLM movement appear to consider it extremely offensive if someone declares that everybody’s life is equally valuable.

For some reason, they consider it a negation of the importance of their message.

There has hardly been anything else capable of causing far leftists to flip out more than “all lives matter.”

And yet, since this simple life-affirming three-word phrase comes from the brother of George Floyd, they probably couldn’t figure out what to do with themselves.

The fact of the matter is that Black Lives Matter activists have oftentimes left people to wonder if they do indeed care about black lives.

As many of those activists seem to be concerned primarily with driving everything as far to the left as possible, they give off the impression of not actually caring about black lives which do get lost as a result of the movement’s actions.

That was the case with David Dorn, the 77-year-old former police captain who was killed in St. Louis during the rioting while trying to protect a friend’s shop.

Or the case of Secoriea Turner, 8, who was killed in a shooting by BLM “protesters” at a parking lot turned into an ‘autonomous zone’, after the city of Atlanta had failed to secure the area.

That raises the question of whether these two people’s lives didn’t matter to the BLM movement simply because they weren’t killed in police fire, and couldn’t, therefore, be utilized as political pawns to the far-leftist agenda.

What’s even worse, they were actually killed during BLM actions.

BLM stands for division

That might also be the same reason why the BLM doesn’t seem to care about shooting violence in Chicago claiming lives every weekend, including many black lives.

If one actually cared about black lives, they would logically be expected to want to crack down on gang-related violence plaguing lots of areas inhabited by black people.

The leadership of the BLM doesn’t also appear to care much for the families of those black people whose names it utilizes in its efforts – such as Breonna Taylor and Tamir Rice.

Both of these people’s mothers have blasted the BLM leadership over the misusing of their children’s names.

Not to mention that the “defund the police movement” spurred by the BLM is leading to more and more shootings and more deaths, including of black folks, thus creating the opposite effect of its stated goals.

That would include the case of Davell Gardner, 1, whose family wants to make it clear to all that his life mattered.

The key takeaway is that the American public must stick and push harder for the “all lives matter” concept because the racial divisions the left is helping to explode could finish off this country.

A unifying message like that is badly needed after a full year of division.