Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has refused to apologize for the abysmal current wave of violent crime terrorizing the residents of the city and has instead uttered a pile of lies of how violent crimes were actually on the decline.

During a press conference, Lightfoot was enraged by a Newsmax reporter asking her whether she doesn’t think it is a good idea to at least apologize to the victims of violent crime in Chicago given that the mayor appears to have lost control of the crime situation.

The journalist pointed out that hotels in Chicago are empty and stores remain closed because of the growing fear of violent crime.

He went out to point out several recent examples, including a case in which a pregnant woman was shot across the street from the press conference venue at 4 in the afternoon just days ago.

He added Juneteenth saw more than 50 shootings in the city.

Huge rise in crime

In another case, a young Hispanic couple was pulled out of their car and shot execution-style, and the Chicago PD has made no arrests for it yet.

The third telling case has been that of a tourist who came to Chicago and was stabbed in the back and murdered on Juneteenth.

The Newsmax journalist noted the Chicago police chief mentioned the stabbing location was a homeless camp – whereas, in fact, it is in the city’s financial district.

He asked Lightfoot – who caused outrage by declaring an outright racist policy in which she would refuse interviews to white reporters – whether she feels personally responsible and thinks an apology might be in order for the off-the-charts violent crime because of her own “heated rhetoric.”

The mayor, who is black, reacted, perplexingly, by answering straight out that “that’s not appropriate.”

In another seeming anti-white racist outburst, she then went on to tell the Newsmax reporter to look around himself to see that he was “surrounded by white reporters” – as though that had anything to do with the question about the spiking crime wave.

Lightfoot added she was aware that the reporter is from a conservative “magazine”, with conservative viewpoints, and told him that all of his facts were wrong.

Made-up facts

Without really answering about the violent crime wave specifics, the Chicago mayor said the city is celebrating its reopening, its hotels are full, and more than 32 businesses relocated to the city during the pandemic because they liked its values and it had a diverse workforce.

Lightfoot then even claimed that Chicago was seeing a decline of all major crimes, including homicides and shootings year over year.

She unapologetically declared her allegation to be “the facts”.

Of course, Lightfoot’s made-up “facts” couldn’t be further from the truth as testified even by the liberal media outlets that raised the alarm since violent crime in her city is out of control.

NBC Chicago reported that the city is experiencing a “spike in crime”, with residents taking their protection into their own hands.

Statistics from the Chicago PD show that murders have gone up this year, and recently the Chicago Tribune claimed that so far 2021 has been the deadliest in 4 years.

According to NBC News, the Chicago police have been trying to slow crime down crime amid a wave of shootings.

In the first weekend in June, five people were killed, while no fewer than 55 more were wounded.

The following week, during the Memorial Day weekend, three people were killed, while 34 more were injured.

The Chicago Police Superintendent has said that homicides have gone up by 5%, and shootings by 17% in 2021 so far, year on year.