A police officer in Louisville, Kentucky, who has spent 4 months on forced administrative leave after praying outside a local abortion clinic, will finally be allowed to return to work, according to local media reports.

The officer, whose name has not been revealed publicly, and his father, performed a prayer outside the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville on February 20, 2021, between 6 am and 7 am.

According to the policeman’s lawyer, there were no abortions underway in the clinic on that date.

Volunteer escorts at the clinic took a photo of the officer during the prayer and posted it on Twitter.

Pray to end abortion

The policeman went to do the prayer before his shift.

He was wearing his uniform and a coat on top.

At one point he held up a sign saying, “pray to end abortion.”

A while later, while on his patrol shift, the officer was ordered to go back to the division office, and was put on a leave with pay.

He was banned from working on cases, making arrests, or working overtime, meaning that he lost a substantial amount of money in the four-month leave so far, and was struggling to support his four children and his wife.

The officer is represented by the Thomas More Society, which requests a quick resolution of the matter so that he could be allowed to go back to work.

Its attorneys used an open-records request to discover that the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department had failed to take any disciplinary measures against other police officer participated in BLM and LGBT parades while being off duty.

Politically motivated PD

Thomas More Society senior counsel Matt Heffron declared that the LMPD has no legal grounds whatsoever to discipline the police officer for his prayer.

He lambasted the police department for deliberately delaying the resolution of the matter as a way of punishing the cop, not to mention the fact that he had been an exemplary officer without any prior discipline problems.

Thus, since the officer has in essence been punished for the act of praying, the department might be “politically motivated”, Heffron said.

While the LMPD hasn’t responded to media requests to comment, the abortion clinic put out a statement accusing the officer of engaging “in political activity” while wearing a uniform, thus intimidating “patients and care providers.”

Back in March, LMPD chief Erika Shields confirmed there was an internal investigation into the matter which was taking time since there wasn’t enough clarity on policies to such types of incidents.

Shields has been the fourth chief to be put in charge of the LMPD after Breonna Taylor’s death in March 2020.

She was the chief of the Atlanta PD but resigned after a policeman fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, leading to riots in the city.