CNN reporters believe that they have carte blanche to accost politicians at will and play gotcha every second of every day. Jim Acosta seems to be one of the foremost practitioners of this dark art. After all, there is a reason why Trump wanted to have him barred from the White House.

A Hit Job Right Outside the Capitol

His most recent plot was when he tried to ambush Mo Brooks and Marjorie Taylor Greene on the streets outside the Capitol. Posing nonsensical questions, he seemed intent on delaying the commuting Brooks from getting on his bicycle to go home after a long day of work. Trying to play “gotcha” about January 6, he rudely demanded that Brooks answer all of his questions.

However, Brooks held the line, pointedly refusing to talk to CNN because of its inherent dishonesty in reporting. Brooks has seen the liberal network misrepresent things far too often to let himself become a victim of their bias.

Even More in the Pocket of the Radical Left

Some argued that the liberal networks would become less of cheerleaders for the left with Biden in the White House. That has not happened, as these bastions of the radical left have only doubled down these days. Reporters like Acosta still operate in the pockets of the Democratic Party, as their accounts of the “news” are really slanted hit pieces designed to embarrass conservatives like Brooks.

Perhaps Acosta is trying to place his finger on the scale of the Alabama Senate race, where Brooks is the odds-on favorite after being endorsed by President Trump. Either way, Brooks did not give the sound bite that Acosta was looking for to try to build his own reputation off the backs of stalwart conservatives.