McCarthy’s Letter Urges the GOP to Fight Back Against Big Tech

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is not messing around. The conservative party leader wrote a letter directed to his fellow House Republicans urging them to take Big Tech to task for their continued “infringement of public speech rights.”

Details of Letter

McCarthy released the letter on Sunday evening. He used this opportunity to provide specific examples of how Big Tech has censored the conservative movement across various internet platforms. McCarthy pointed out that the liberal executives running the show in this industry are trying to quiet the conservative voice by setting their own left-wing agenda.

McCarthy’s Request

The representative from California outlined three things that the GOP should do to combat the liberal bias throughout Big Tech. The first thing he wants his party to do is abolish the liability shield that the tech industry continues to hide behind.

McCarthy also asks that Big Tech show more transparency regarding their often vague terms of service. A part of this task is to require that Big Tech institute a friendlier appeals process for those that they censor across the internet. Conservatives have long argued that the voice of their party has been silenced in recent years because of too much power within the liberal ranks of the industry.

Lastly, McCarthy is committed to expediting the court process so that the government is not able to impede the progress that his party has made in its efforts to suppress the reach of Big Tech.

McCarthy concluded his persuasive letter by imploring his colleagues to fight against the alliance shared between Big Tech and the Democratic Party.