A new non-profit group called Free to Learn has recently taken to examining the extent that politicized content is replacing core skills in American K-12 schools.

In the organization’s new ad campaign, it has highlighted, in an extremely stark fashion, to which the various kinds of critical theory have undermined American education.

Political Activism and Remote Learning

Alleigh Marre is the president of the Free to Learn Coalition. She has referred to critical race theory as a case of “political activism by school boards and administrators.” Thanks to school closures across the country and the rise of remote learning, parents have finally been exposed to the political propaganda included in school curriculums.

According to polls conducted by Free to Learn, 82% of parents say that they want there to be no politicized content whatsoever in their children’s schools. 71% say that core subjects should be emphasized during school lessons instead of political ideology. These results come from a sample pool of parents 66% of whom self-identify as liberals.

Parents across the country have gently been going to school board meetings and passionately protesting the indoctrination of their children. Free to Learn has decided to help them, crafting a series of hard-hitting ads individually tailored to places like Arizona, Virginia and New York City.

The ads call out certain offending schools by name, highlight the fact that teachers are required to give preferences to non-white students while failing to challenge gifted children.

The fight against politicized content in schools will be a tough one, but it is encouraging to see that so many parents are engaged.