The University of London has taken so-called racial sensitivity to a new level. Now, some students may get different deadlines if they claim that they have suffered “racial stress.” While the intentions behind this rule may be good, critics worry that students will use it as a way to get out of homework. If you are a student at this university, the rule could get you out from under the deadlines that students regularly face for exams and term papers.

Nothing Necessary Other Than Your Word

To get a deadline extension or deferral, no evidence or verification is necessary. All the student needs to do is self-certify that they are under racial stress.

Critics fear that this means a student could make up their own definition of the term without anyone questioning them. Acceptance of a deadline extension is done on a case-by-case basis.

Two Sets of Students and Different Rules

According to critics, this rule creates two classes of students. One class follows the rules that have applied to students since practically the beginning of universities. The other class gets to make their own rules. Students could even be stressed out by the fact that their class feels like a “white experience.” Perhaps this is coming stateside as American universities rush to compete with each other for the title of most woke. Universities have gone beyond being politically correct, and are now moving straight into the realm of discrimination.

Much of this is now based on “microaggressions,” a term that refers to verbal, behavioral or environmental slights that may be intentional or unintentional. However, the deadline extension rule may end up unintentionally causing even more racial tensions between those who can and can’t take advantage of the rule.