Ellen DeGeneres has one of the most beloved public personas after decades as a talk show host. However, the DeGeneres that you see on television is not the same person that you get behind closed doors, according to the legions of celebrities who have feuded with her, both in private and on the air.

Horribly Inappropriate Interviews Gone Wrong

In these cases, DeGeneres was even inappropriate on the air during some interviews. For example, she joked directly to Celine Dion about her son’s appearance. This started a years-long feud. This pales in comparison to how DeGeneres tormented Mariah Carey. DeGeneres knew that the pop superstar was pregnant, but Carey did not want to disclose it on the air.

Nonetheless, DeGeneres launched a line of inappropriate questioning about Carey’s rumored pregnancy, even going so far as trying to force a visibly uncomfortable Carey to drink alcohol to disprove the rumors. DeGeneres’ rudeness looked even worse when Carey suffered a miscarriage after that.

DeGeneres’ Friends Contradict Her Image

Some celebrities have pointed out that the people with whom DeGeneres surrounds herself contradict her whole persona of “niceness.” She is reported to have personal relationships with many controversial figures who espouse politics directly opposite to the principles for which DeGeneres claims to stand.

Combined with the reports of the horrors that staffers experienced while working on the Ellen DeGeneres show, these present a picture directly at odds with the version of the star sold to the public.

Everything is not what it seems with a talk show host who sells one image and then acts completely different. It is a wonder why so many celebrities still line up to be on her show.