War Veteran and ex-Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw has responded to the most recent temper tantrum thrown by the Olympian athlete Gwen Berry.

During the anthem, Berry decided to turn her back to the American flag and put a black t-shirt over her head, as an act of protest, who knows against what…

The event took place in Eugene, Oregon when millions of people where watching the Olympic trials.

Quite expectedly, it didn’t take long for someone to react.

As the mainstream media and far-leftist figures loudly praise and support Berry’s performance, Dan Crenshaw, who has been known for his to-the point confrontative style, has condoned her act as being ignorant and offensive.

Crenshaw has addressed the act in an appearance on Monday on “Fox & Friends” and succinctly elaborated what the majority has been thinking. The Texas Republican felt that there is no more room for athletes who use national sport events to promote activism.

While NBA can be somewhat ignored, for Crenshaw, the use of Olympics as a polygon for critical race theory ideology is out of place and has nothing to do with Olympic spirit and sportsmanship.

Olympics is the place to represent USA and not engage in ideologies that undermine the pillars on which this country was built.

Crenshaw added that Berry and everyone else who promote critical race theory in such events should be kicked out of the team.

It’s all about critical race theory

Dan Crenshaw is a former NAVY - Seal who served in Afghanistan, and in one of the operations, even suffered great injuries and lost his eye.

As a military expert and a patriot, Crenshaw is upset because of the influx of the critical race theory in the institutions around USA and as of recently, even in the military and sports.

Berry childishly responded to Crenshaw’s opinion on her private Twitter with a response equal to Alexandra Ocasio Cortez’s snarky retweets, saying: “At this point, y’all are obsessed with me”

Navy Seal Crenshaw, backed by the “Fox and Friends” hosts and millions of its viewers, dismissed the self-absorbed accusations made by Mrs Gerry.

For him, the main peril of critical race theory is that it teaches American institutions are in its core racists and that the country is built on racism, something that has nothing to do with truth nor historical facts.

While racism was a part of American history and still exists, it is the freedom of speech and civil liberties that built USA and made possible for Mrs Gerry and other people to voice their opinions openly.

While no one is claiming American institutions are perfect, it is a blatant lie to claim that the foundations of this country were based on the oppression of its citizens, rather than in ideals of freedom.