Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has resorted to a hilarious and witty trick to criticize the National Security Agency for allegedly spying on Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

Playing upon Carlson’s recent accusations that the NSA has been reading his text messages and emails, MTG sent him a text that is actually meant for the intelligence agency.

On Twitter, Green shared a photo of her text to Carlson, which starts by saying, “Hi, Tucker”, and proceeds to state that the congresswoman is actually “reaching out” to the National Security Agency in order to inform it that spying on American citizens is illegal.

She adds that texting him, i.e. Carlson, would be the “quickest route” to reach the NSA.

MTG further tells the Fox News journalist that she met with her colleagues – apparently referring to other Republican members of the House of Representatives – about Carlson’s accusations of the NSA.

She declared that her colleagues won’t allow “them to get away” from responsibility.

Democrats weaponizing taxpayers’ money?

The Georgia congresswoman thanked Carlson for his courage to expose the spying against him, and concluded by telling the NSA and the FBI that they are “on notice.”

On Monday, Tucker Carlson announced for the first time that he got informed by an insider whistleblower that his team has been spied on by the NSA.

Carlson declared the whistleblower told him information that only could have come from monitoring the journalist’s electronic communication.

After the NSA issued a rare statement on Tuesday rejecting the accusations, Carlson went on to reiterate them, declaring the agency’s rebuttal to be dishonest.

He has made it clear that the Biden administration is using the NSA to spy on him in order to leak sensitive information and thus take his show off the air of Fox News.

If true, that sounds like a horrifying scenario: the government weaponizing Americans’ tax dollars in order to spy on and destroy those who tell the truth.

An act that can be deemed typical for the Democrats who seem to be incapable of tolerating criticism and transparency.

Carlson has spoken out how the 20-year-long war on terror has now been turned against American citizens who are opponents of the Biden regime.

That is a chilling situation, which, if left unchecked by Congress and the American public, might sound the death bell to American democracy.

While there is nothing funny about a leading opposition journalist potentially being spied on by the country’s national security agency, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green with her hilarious tweet reaching out to the NSA through Carlson somehow managed to put a positive spin on this situation.