The National Security Agency (NSA) has responded to Carlson’s bombshell claims by denying that it has ever targeted the famous Fox News host.

On Monday, during his live TV appearance, Carlson announced that he was sure he was being spied on by the NSA for “political reasons”.

However, the NSA put out a statement on Tuesday rejecting all accusations.

In its statement, the NSA cited Carlson who stated that the agency was spying on him in order to eliminate his show from the air of Fox News.

Stating that the claim in question is untrue, the National Security Agency said the TV anchor “has never been” a target for any of its intelligence operations.

It also added that it “has never had” plans to get his show off the air.

The NSA doesn’t “deal” with American citizens?

The agency stressed that it is tasked with “a foreign intelligence mission” boiling down to target foreign powers in order to gain insights into their activities that could potentially cause harm to the United States.

The NSA added that it is not allowed to target any US citizens without an actual court order authorizing such operation – except in the case of limited exceptions such as emergencies.

When asked about Tucker Carlson’s NSA spying claims during her briefing on Tuesday, Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House, gave a diffuse answer.

She responded that, as the reporters in the room should be aware, the NSA tackles foreign threats and persons trying to do harm to the United States but on foreign soil.

Beyond that basic comment, she said the question had to be directed “to the intelligence community.”

Counterintelligence actions?

Speaking live on his show Monday night, the Fox News host alleged that an NSA insider source got in touch with him relaying information that may have only been derived from his emails and text messages.

Carlson said the source was “a whistleblower within” the government.

The source reached out to him to give his team a warning the National Security Agency is surveilling his communications and planning to leak them to try to take the show off the air.

The anchor said the whistleblower knew everything on a story they are currently developing, and that the information in question was taken solely from Carlson’s own emails and texts, with “no other possible source” existing.

The Fox News host further claimed that the NSA obtained the said information secretly “for political reasons,” and that the Biden administration has been “spying on us.”

Carlson added his team has now filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act in order to extract the data that NSA and other intelligence agencies have collected about his show.

However, the anchor explained that his team took this step as a formality since they don’t have great expectations of hearing back on their request.

Carlson declared that the US Congress is the only body that “can force transparency” upon the intelligence community, and called its members to do just that immediately.

He emphasized that spying on “opposition journalists” was contrary to democracy.