After radical BLM activists strong-armed the far-left city of San Francisco into gutting its police department, even the liberal residents are demanding that police return after a massive rise in crime and homelessness. This is a typical case of Defund The Police buyer’s remorse. Ineffective left-wing policy has proved again to fail San Francisco residents, who somehow keep voting for corrupt liberal officials.

San Francisco Defunded Their Police

During the radical violent Antifa uprising in the summer of 2020, liberal leaders in San Francisco slashed tens of millions of dollars in funding from its police department for no apparent tactical reason. Consequently, car break-ins have risen over seven-fold, for example.

Other more violent crimes have skyrocketed, along with the number of homeless people camping out and using drugs on the streets. The remaining officers in the city are afraid to confront criminals due to their persistent lack of backup.

Residents Sour on Defund The Police

According to a poll released by the city’s chamber of commerce, a whopping 70% of San Franciscans say that there has been a decline in the city’s quality of life. They specified that it was due to the increase in rampant crime and homelessness. In reality, these problems could easily be dealt with if San Francisco had a competent mayor and city government that did not defund their police department.

Not only did the city cut $80 million from the police budget over the next two years, but they also slashed $40 million from the sheriff’s department. This seems like self-sabotage by Democrats of their city that residents are really beginning to regret. If San Franciscans want to take back control of their streets, they ought to elect pro-police leaders who will keep them safe.