One of NBA’s greatest legends, Shaquille O’Neal, has lashed out against LeBron James, the start of Los Angeles Lakers, for loudly lamenting the NBA scheduling in a situation in which James is making $200 million, while 40 million Americans have been laid off.

Less than two weeks ago, LeBron James went on a Twitter tirade lambasting the quick turnaround after the end of NBA’s 2020 season, in which he and the Lakers won a championship ring.

James, who has been publicly vocal about issues ranging from basketball to law enforcement, made headlines with his comments.

He attacked NBA over the injury bug that has resulted in a number of big league stars getting knocked off during this year’s playoffs.

After Lakers were knocked out in the first round postseason, he tweeted that they didn’t listen to him regarding when the season should start.

He said he was right about what was going to – and did – happen.

James insisted that he was seeking to protect the players since the injures in question can’t be considered part of the game but are the result of lack of rest before starting back up.

The 36-year-old star of the Lakers stated that eight or nine all-stars missed playoff games, which has been the highest number in NBA history.

He called the situation “insane”, claimed that he speaks for “all our players’” health, and offered an apology to the fans since they are unable to see their favorite stars play right now.

Former Lakes star Shaquille O’Neal, however, reacted by telling CNBC on Tuesday that James, who made $39 million from playing basketball this season, is just living in an echo chamber of his own.

Stop complaining!

O’Neal declared that millions of Americans would envy the financial and job security of stars such as LeBron James who are busy complaining.

Shaq added that nobody would hear any complaints from him if he was the one getting $200 million while 40 million people in America have gotten laid off.

He argued it shouldn’t be a problem for high-paid athletes to play “back-to-back-to-back” matches if that is required in a job that pays this much money.

O’Neal added that all NBA players need to do is train a couple of hours a day, and play a match for a couple of hours at night, and get paid a huge amount of money for that.

He said he personally isn’t the kind to make excuses or complain.

Unlike LeBron James, Shaq is known as a supporter of law enforcement officers.

Besides bringing some perspective for James, he went on to point out that recent injuries in the NBA have a bright side.

Namely the fact that for the first time in quite a while, the juggernauts are gone leaving the stage open for others.