The name of the killer of Ashli Babbitt remains unknown.

Babbitt was an activist who participated in the January 6th Capitol storming.

Unfortunately, she ended up being one of the five victims of the protests.

She received wide posthumous publicity since her murder was filmed in a video that showed how the poor woman got shot after she tried to go through broken glass in the Capitol building.

The video of her murder provoked strong reactions on various sides.

The mystery remains

Earlier this month, Ashli’s widower Aaron Babbitt and Attorney Terrell Roberts participated in a popular FOX News show hosted by Tucker Carlson.

Roberts confirmed to Carlson that he believes the man who shot Ashli was the same person who reportedly left his loaded handgun in a nearby public toilet.

Yet, the name of the officer has been consistently hidden from Aaron Babbitt and his attorney.

This behavior prompted Ashli’s widower to repeat his public pleas to reveal the shooter’s name.

Yet, public offices remained irresponsive to Aaron Babbitt’s calls.

However, the media outlet The Spectator revealed that the man who shot Ashli Babbitt had allegedly been a member of former Vice-President Mike Pence’s security deal.

The Spectator’s findings

The outlet’s sources suggest that the Department of Justice and the Capitol Police Department identified the name of Babbitt’s shooter.

Yet, they reportedly decided to keep his name secret in order to protect the reputation of the Secret Service, as well as to spare Mike Pence from further backlash from Capitol rioters and their supporters across the U.S.

An unnamed police officer also indicated that the name of Babbitt’s shooter had not been revealed to protect his life from possible threats.

Nonetheless, the decision to hide the shooter’s name remains contrary to the usual practice of revealing the names of shooters among the police.

The photos, shared on several websites and media outlets, suggested that the suspected shooter is a Black man photographed with a mask covering his face.

Many commentators pointed out that the photo revealed how unprofessional Ashli’s shooter behaved, particularly by improperly holding his gun.

Yet, officer’s defendant Mark Schamel remained firm in his statement that the officer properly warned Babbitt of the consequences before he shot her.

Schamel’s claims, however, cannot be taken for granted as the evidence from the video of Babbitt’s shooting does not point in their direction.