By inexplicably discovering a “silver lining” in the Miami-area condo collapse, which has claimed some 150 lives, Democrat President Joe Biden has somehow managed to make use of a national tragedy for political self-gain.

A total of 18 people have been confirmed dead and 145 remain “missing”, with virtually no expectations for survivors more than a week after a beachfront condominium collapsed in Surfside, Florida, a Miami suburb on June 24, 2021.

Only a total of 139 of those who were residing or staying in the condo when it collapsed have made it to safety.

Bizarre statements

Joe Biden and his wife Jill came to Surfside on Thursday, a week after the building collapse, to offer support to local and state authorities, rescue teams, survivors, and victims’ families.

For whatever reason, however, Joe and Jill didn’t go to the actual site of the collapsed condominium.

Joe Biden’s bizarre behavior with respect to this enormous national tragedy started as early as the day of the collapse.

When asked for a comment on it on June 24, hours after it had occurred, Biden seemed unaware of what the reporter was asking and had to be reminded what had happened – a reaction causing doubt about potential dementia symptoms.

After the reminder, the Democrat President said, “Oh, yes,” and apologized.

Then, while at first, the White House made it clear Biden had no intention of visiting the condo collapse side – which technically he didn’t since he remained at a resort about a mile away from it – he went to Surfside, Florida, only to try to find something “good about this.”

As he was given a briefing by state leaders on the situation and the rescue efforts, Biden came up with the “silver lining” rhetorical question, and then gave himself an answer.

What can be positive in a huge tragedy?

In his view, the “good” about the death of some 150 people in a building collapse is that the aftermath of the disaster shows to the nation “we can cooperate”, which he deems “really important”.

Biden was maybe referring to the cooperation between his Democrat administration and the administration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is a Republican and an ally of Biden’s 2020 rival for the president Donald Trump.

Unlike the Democrat president’s rather botched “silver lining” reaction, DeSantis, who could in fact be the person Biden may compete with for the presidency in 2024, exhibited the behavior of an actual responsible politician and statesman.

During a press conference on the day of the condo collapse, the Florida governor stood up and declared that TV footage doesn’t do justice to the gravity of the tragedy.

There has been no media self-adulation by DeSantis – he faced head-on the highly traumatic event as a government leader and moved decisively to tackle the aftermath as well as it could be imagined – a grave reminder of the kind of leadership that’s painfully lacking from the White House as America is stuck with Biden.