A total of 11 heavily armed black men were arrested over the weekend in Massachusetts after a 9-hour standoff with the local police following a traffic check.

Since they aren’t the preferred scarecrows of the liberal media, namely “white supremacists” but black Americans claiming to be Moors, or Moroccans, the mainstream media didn’t dig deeply into who they are, writes PJ Media commentator Robert Spencer.

Spencer notes reports by Fox News that the group, which even waved the flag of Morocco during its standoff with the police, calls itself “Rise of the Moors” and noted its big social media presence.

However, it cites the Southern Poverty Law Center as saying that the sovereign citizen movement of the “Moors” in question appeared in the early 1990s based on antigovernment movements claiming citizen sovereignty.

A theory based on lies and craziness

According to Spencer, however, nothing coming out of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which he describes as a “discredited”, far left, and a “hate group”, should be taken seriously due to its hateful agenda of seeking to destroy freedom.

The columnist reveals instead that the “Moorish movement” for sovereign citizenship emerged 80 years earlier since the group named “Rise of the Moors” stemmed from the Moorish Science Temple of America.

The latter was established in 1910 by Noble Drew Ali, a black American called by the movement’s members a “great and illustrious Prophet.”

Ali came up with the Holy Koran of the so-called Moorish Holy Temple of Science, the group’s scripture including his own writings and pre-existing esoteric spirituality works.

The book in question isn’t the Islamic Quran, even though the group identifies as Muslim.

Noble Drew Ali alleged that black Americans were descendants of the Moors in Morocco.

Spencer points out that the infamous Nation of Islam is in fact a group that broke away from the so-called American Moorish Science Temple.

It propagates the same kind of racial hate combined with Islam.

11 heavily armed terrorists slipped through the cracks of intelligence services

The Moorish Science Temple appears to maintain that the 1857 Supreme Court ruling in the Dred Scott case, which stipulates that black people weren’t US citizens under the Constitution, is still in effect.

A link their website cites to that effect appears to be broken, making it unclear what case they are making in order to support their claim that the Dred Scott ruling still stands.

Regardless of that, however, the “sovereign” Moorish citizens insist that black Americans aren’t US citizens but citizens of the North African country of Morocco since, according to them, North America’s original inhabitants originated in Morocco.

That was the reason for their waving of the Moroccan flag during the police standoff and for their claims that the laws of the United States do not apply to them.

Spencer concludes that mainstream authority in Sunni or Shiite Islam would hardly deem the Moorish Science Temple of America as Islamic since its racism and having its own prophet Noble Drew Ali do not comply its Islam’s basic principles.

The columnist points out that the important question is what kind of training the 11 heavily armed “Moors” were going to when they were arrested.

Unfortunately, the intelligence community and law enforcement are preoccupied with going after “white supremacists”, instead of investigating such a serious incident as the arrest of the “sovereign Moorish citizens.”